The business of the League shall be conducted by the Management Committee appointed at the Annual                        General Meeting.                       

The Committee shall have the authority to settle any dispute in any game and also any matters not provided for in                  these rules.

Any doubts or disputes as to the interpretation or meaning of any rules should be referred to the Committee for their   decision. The Committee decision will not be based solely upon the wording of the rule but also take into               consideration the original intent and purpose of that rule.

Any proposed alterations to the rules and notices of motion must be put in writing to the General Secretary by the                end of the League Match season.

Each registered team to have one vote which must be registered with the General Secretary prior to or at the AGM.            The registration of the vote may be by post, email, telephone or in person at the AGM.


Prior to commencement of a season all teams registered will be sent two copies of a Players Registration Form.                 One copy should be completed and returned by the date specified to the General Secretary together with the           registration fees for each player. The second copy of the Players Registration Form listing the players registered              should be displayed in the team's alley.

Teams may play up to 2 unregistered players per match under the following conditions :-


They are not registered with any other team.


Their names are highlighted on the score card and the opposition

captain is informed prior to the commencement of the match.


They cannot be substituted after the match has commenced.


They may only play 2 games for any team after which they must be registered.

A player who has registered for a team cannot transfer to another team during the first 4 weeks and the last 4                   weeks of the League Match Season.


Teams to consist of a maximum of eight players. All matches to start at 8.30 p.m. Visiting teams have the use of the           alley match pins and balls prior to the start of the match for a minimum period of 15 minutes.

League matches to consist of three legs. One point will be awarded for every leg won. In the event of a tied leg each         team will receive half a point.

For each leg at least two registered players from the opposing team to set up pins.

At the end of the season, in the event of teams tying on points, the final positions will be decided by, firstly, the                greater number of legs won, and secondly, the results of the matches between the teams involved.

Porter Cup - Aggregate of pins over 4 legs

K.O. Cup - Best of 3 legs, except the final which shall be best of 5 legs.

In both competitions additional deciding legs to be played if necessary.


Only players registered with the league may take part in any competition.

In all individual competitions, play will commence at 8.30 p.m. Substitutes are allowed but not for players once                 having actually played in a particular competition in the current season. The order of play will be determined by              placing the names of all the participants present in the draw bag. Additional legs to be played if necessary.

SINGLES - All rounds to be aggregate of pins over 4 legs except Semi Finals & Finals which will be over 5 legs.                Final to commence at 8pm

PAIRS - All rounds to be aggregate of pins over 3 legs.

TRIPLES - All rounds to be best of 3 legs except Semi Finals and Final which will be best of 5 legs.

In the event of a singles, pairs or triples qualifier being unavailable, their defeated opponent(s) from the previous               round will be invited to take their place.

Don Hubbard Cup - Every team in the League is invited to nominate a player to take part in this competition, to be         played aggregate of pins over 4 legs.



All players shall before delivering the ball have both

feet behind the delivery mark and the leading foot must

be in line with the centre line of the pins.


A ball or pin hitting the back or side walls of the alley

or entering the trough behind the pins, immediately

becomes a foul ball or pin. Pins subsequently knocked

down by a foul ball or pin shall be set up again and

the foul ball or pin removed. Dead pins hit by a foul ball

or pin immediately become foul pins and should be removed.

All other dead pins are still in play and may not be removed,

and any pins subsequently knocked down by them are fair.


Both teams to use the pins and balls provided by the home team.


If so desired the away team captain may select and mark a front pin.


During a match, if a player sustains an injury as a result of a genuine

accident and is unable to complete their involvement in that match,

subject to the agreement of both captains, that player may be substituted

for the remainder of the match by another registered player of that team,

that is not playing in the match.


The home side to fully complete a result card and send it to the Match

Secretary timed to arrive not later than 4 days after the match.


In 2nd Division League Matches only, should a team have fewer than 8 players then the lowest scoring player of that team in each leg will be permitted to throw again but with two balls only. This to be restriced to one player only and will be the first player that achieved the lowest score should there be more than one. Team captains should be made aware of team shortages and the scorecard marked low score.


If any team fails to turn up for a league fixture, other than due to extreme weather conditions, the opposition will be       awarded the fixture by a 3 legs to zero score line. Failure to turn up for a Cup match will mean disqualification.

Dates on which League & Cup matches are to be played cannot be rearranged and the Match Secretary must be          informed prior to any match being cancelled.


JIM EVATT CUP - Awarded to the player with the highest average of pins scored in all league Away matches.                     The player must have played a minimum of 7 Away matches.

JACK EAST CUP - Awarded to the player scoring the highest aggregate of pins in a league match.

PHIL PESTELL SHIELD - Awarded to the person who scores the most 9's and over in the season. In the event of              a tie a deciding leg will be played.

DERRICK PALETHORPE TROPHY - Awarded for the highest team leg in a league match.

TREVOR ROBINSON TROPHY – Awarded to the player scoring the highest average of pins in all league matches.            The player must have played a minimum of 75% of the league matches played by their team.