Don Hubbard Cup - Semi Finals
Sileby WMC.

C. Buxton - Horse & Groom Rearsby
P. Curtis - Horse Shoes “B”
T. Davies - Royal Oak (Cossington)
J. Foster - Queniborough Wanderers
H. Greenwood - Rothley Rovers
N. Hubbard - Blue Bell Hoby
T. Jordan - Syston Social Club
I. Merryweather - Wymeswold Cons.
K. Platt - Royal Oak (Cossington)
R. Porter - Wymeswold Cons.
S. Price - Soar Bridge “B”
N Rawding - Wreake Nomads
M. Smalley - Rothley Rovers
R. Smith - Barrow Cons.
D. Wright - Barrow Cons.

Barrow Cons.
C. Anderson - Syston Social Club
D. Baker - Wreake Nomads
A. Bunker - Sileby ex Cons.
D. Clark - Horse & Groom Rearsby
D. Cox - Soar Bridge “B”
M. Franklin - Blue Bell Hoby
C. Hall - Sileby ex Cons.
R. Hives - Soar Bridge “A”
L. Riley - Sileby W.M.C. “B”
M. Riley - Sileby W.M.C. “B”
S. Smith - Carington Cons.
D. Whait - Carington Arms
J. Whitmee - Queniborough Wanderers
R. Woods - Carington Arms
D Wright - Carington Cons.
D. Wyles - Horse Shoes “B”


2nd Division Cup

To be played Friday 16th March 8.30pm start over the normal league format of best of three legs


1. Sileby Cons B vs Carington Arms

2. Wreake Nomads vs Sileby Ex Cons

3. Top House vs Queniborough Wanderers

4. Barrow Cons vs Horse Shoes A


Semi-final matches to be played Wednesday 21st March.

8.30 start

Winner of match 1 vs winner of match 4

Winner of match 2 vs winner of match 3


Please can the HOME teams in the four matches telephone the results in to Mick Reed over the weekend following the matches so the semi-final draw can be updated  and the four semi-finalists can be notified who and where they are playing ASAP.


Singles Competition


Friday 23rd March 20.30 start, aggregate of pins over 4 legs, 4 to qualify from each alley. Alley stewards in red.


Barrow Cons

  1. J.Baker
  2. P.Curtis
  3. P.Allen
  4. A.Pickering
  5. M.Reid
  6. K.Platt
  7. D.Clark
  8. K.Throop

Royal Oak Cossington.

  1. H.Woods
  2. I.Welbourn
  3. A.Newton
  4. M.Robinson
  5. G.Spawton
  6. J.Foster
  7. J.Merryweather

Syston Social Club.

  1. R.Chapman
  2. N.Evatt
  3. S.Price
  4. T.Davis
  5. S.Hand
  6. N.Rawding
  7. I.Merryweather
  8. M.Wheeler

Carington Arms

  1. C.Buxton
  2. J.Billing
  3. D.Wyles
  4. S.Walker
  5. N.Robinson
  6. N.Hubbard
  7. D.Waite
  8. S.Billing