UPDATE following Committee Meeting on 14th October 2021



Following the above the committee would like to announce the following:


Twelve of the seventeen existing teams have expressed their intention to continue. The remaining teams were unable at this time to guarantee either sufficient playing membership or alley availability.


The emphasis and priority for the season ahead is to try and guarantee the continuation of the league as well as rekindle our enthusiasm for the game. Season 2021/22 is therefore planned to commence with Matchday #1 on Friday 12th November 2021.


For this season, the league will consist of one Division with all twelve teams playing each other on a home and away basis every Friday night, with a break for Christmas & New Year, culminating in Matchday #22 on 22nd April 2022.


Teams will consist of no more than six players per side and the match will be played over 4 legs.


As the season progresses, the committee will gauge the level of enthusiasm for scheduling in either team or individual competitions into the back end of the season.


Note that the one Division, 6 player, 4 leg format is seen as a temporary measure to get us used to playing again and is not necessarily a blueprint for future seasons.


Fixture lists will be compiled as soon as possible with all team secretaries informed upon completion.


Further temporary rule changes will be advised at the point of the fixture list circulation to cover the eventuality of any team not being able to field a full team of six players.


Guidance on following Covid protocols will also accompany the published fixture list.


We, as a committee, are fully aware that these proposals will not necessarily meet with everyone's approval but I will reiterate that these are hopefully seen as temporary measures to enable the league to get up and running once more.


Please feel free to get in touch with any positive comments.

Regards, Chris Buxton, Chairman