Calendar for the 2017/2018 Season


Mon. 11th Committee Meeting:

Draw Porter Cup 1st Round & 2nd Round

Fri. 22nd Porter Cup 1st Round

Fri. 29th Porter Cup 2nd Round


Mon. 2nd Committee Meeting:

Draw Porter Cup 3rd Round

Fri. 6th 1st League Match

Fri. 13th 2nd League Match

Mon. 16th Committee Meeting:

Draw K.O. Cup 1st Round

Fri. 20th 3rd League Match

Wed. 25th Porter Cup 3rd Round

Fri. 27th 4th League Match


Fri. 3rd 5th League Match

Fri. 10th 6th League Match

Mon. 13th Committee Meeting:

Wed 15th K.O. Cup 1st Round

Fri. 17th 7th League Match

Fri. 24th 8th League Match


Fri. 1st 9th League Match

Fri. 8th 10th League Match

Mon. 11th Committee Meeting:

Draw K.O. Cup 2nd Round & Xmas Prize Draw

Fri. 15th 11th League Match


Fri. 5th 12th League Match

Fri. 12th 13th League Match

Mon. 15th Committee Meeting:

Draw Pairs 1st Round & Triples 1st Round

Fri. 19th 14th League Match

Fri. 26th 15th League Match


Fri. 2nd 16th League Match

Wed. 7th K.O. Cup 2nd Round

Fri. 9th 17th League Match

Mon. 12th Committee Meeting:

Draw K.O. Cup & Porter Cup Semi-Finals, 2nd Division Cup and Singles competition

Wed. 14th Triples 1st Round

Fri. 16th 18th League Match

Wed. 21st Pairs 1st Round

Fri. 23rd 19th League Match

Wed. 28th K.O. Cup Semi-Finals


Fri. 2nd 20th League Match

Fri. 9th 21st League Match

Wed. 14th Porter Cup Semi-Finals

Fri. 16th 22nd League Match & 2nd Division Cup 1st Round

Mon. 19th Committee Meeting:

Wed. 21st 2nd Division Cup Semi-Finals

Fri. 23rd Singles 1st Round

Fri. 30th Don Hubbard Semi-Finals


Fri. 6th 2nd Division Cup Final

Fri. 13th K.O. Cup Final

Fri. 20th Pairs & Triples Finals

Fri. 27th Porter Cup Final


Fri. 4th Don Hubbard Final

Fri. 11th Singles Final

Mon. 14th Committee Meeting

Fri. 18th Presentation Evening

Fri. 25th A.G.M.